All 3 lakes are now no publicity waters ie: carp fishing magazines/papers and internet forums.
No carp/pike fishing with less than 0.38mm main line.
All plastic sweetcorn hook baits are banned.
No braided/lead core/mono leaders.
You can use your fish pictures on your personal Facebook profile only.
Reserving swims with a bucket no longer than 40mins max.
All members to use Gardner Intensive Care mouth spray.
All spombs will need a spomb float.
All landing nets/weigh slings/unhooking mats to be sprayed with RH Netsafe or PAL disinfected spray inbetween visits to/from other waters.
No dog foul in plastic bags or rubbish bags to be dumped in the mobiloos.
Any toilet roll waste found around the lakes will result in a 5 night lake closure.

Rod and line fishing only.
No fishing without an unhooking mat.
No braid mainline.
E.A rod licence rules apply.
No rowing boats, canoes or inflatable boats to be used.
Remote bait boats allowed only on Heron and Island Lake.
All particle baits allowed, but be sure they are well soaked and cooked.
All gates to be closed and padlocks snapped shut behind you.
Fishing from made swims only except when stalking.
Vehicle’s to be parked in car parking areas only.
No moving of fish between the lakes.
No removal of fish from the lakes.
No swimming or scuba diving in the lakes.
No open camp fires except disposable barbecues.
No cutting down trees or reeds or making new swims.
Take all litter, bottles, cans, fishing line, tea bags etc home with you.
No parking in front of the gateways.
Don’t let anyone in the gate unless you know they are members first.
Keep your casting and baiting to your own swim while fishing.
Max fishing 6 days or 5 nights then you must be off site for 48 hours.
No killing of any fish.
One work party day is expected when joining the syndicate.
The management may close the site for maintenance work or fish welfare.
The on site boats to be used for weeded up fish or maintenance only.
Please keep your social activities to a sensible level while fishing.
No reserving swims for other members.
You except that while at the syndicate lakes damage to your vehicle, tackle or health are your responsibility not the management.
Dogs are allowed with you while fishing if kept secured in your swim.
A basic first aid box is sited in the hut.
I will treat you like grown up adults I hope you will behave like one.
You must stay within the areas to your left and right of your swim while your rods are out.
No netting of any kind allowed on the lakes.
No moving any fish between the lakes and river.
Please report any distressed or dead fish to the management.
While set up in a swim with your rods reeled in your maximum time away from the lake is two hours.
No fish pictures to be used in the weeklies or monthly fishing publications.
All landing nets to be dried out before use in the water.
No carp sacks to be used throughout the whole year.
All tickets are non refundable or transferable.
A minimum 1/4 deposit is taken which is non refundable to secure you syndicate place giving you time to pay the final balance.
Dogs and family members only are allowed with you while fishing if you so wish. All other visitors are banned (ie mates or passing fishing mates).
3 rods max fishing at any one time.
All flying helicopter/drone devices are banned from both fishing sites due to health and safety reasons.
The track gate to the Island lake will be closed from Dec 1st onwards if flooded.