If you drive left and along the east bank of the Heron lake you come to the south car park beyond that is the Island lake, at five acre with nine tiny islands along the margins it looks smaller than it is, with only six swims placed along two banks you have plenty of water to fish to, this water also runs from north to south.
Along the margins you have Canadian pond weed in two to three feet of water behind the islands, down the middle of the lake you have depths down to seventeen feet with hard gravel areas dotted between the weed.
The carp have been caught to 38lbs pounds so far, with 13 going over the magical 30+lb mark before. The stock fish show signs of following a new wind most of the time, carp can be seen cruising the margins on sunny days. I expect to see another couple of thirty pound carp to come out in the future.
For five acres there are around 160 carp swimming around which is a low stock ratio to other waters but we hope the carp will keep growing at there present rate.
This lake is likely to be a good stalking water nice and quiet we plan to stock more carp into this water in the near future to create a quality runs water.

We have stocked a quantity of Dinton strain stockies into this water over the last four years with more to follow over the next two years.

Carp Stock Quantities 10 x 6-10lb, 40 x 10-19lb, 70 x 20-29lb, 12-14 x 30-39lb.