It is plain to see the fish in the Mill Lake are taking advantage of the naturals along with the ever increasing amount of anglers bait. Where as over the road on the Heron and Island Lakes, the fish aren't quite getting as much anglers bait, but since we reduced the weed levels, the fish have swtiched onto the naturals that are now living on the lake bed.

Over recent years, there has been some extroadinary weight gains on the carp caught so far.

15lb ------> 33lb

14lb ------> 32lb
21lb ------> 37lb
18lb ------> 36lb
21lb ------> 41lb
24lb ------> 42lb+
21lb ------> 36lb
12lb ------> 32lb
22lb ------> 43lb
14lb ------> 34lb
23lb ------> 40lb

<------ Another Dinton strain English bred carp being stocked into our lakes, It will be nice to see some of these stock fish in a couple of years time at much bigger weights.




There has been alot of help completing many projects around all of the waters. Some only taking days, others taking weeks. I would like to thank everyone along the way who so far has worked hard in getting the place to where we are now and hopefully where it will be in future years to come. Rest assured, these projects will continue until I am 100% happy with the place.