As you enter into the main entrance you see the north end of the Heron lake this 11 acre gravel pit runs south in a half moon shape with a quiet bay at the end, the lake has Canadian pond weed with common reed mace beds dotted around the water.
The shallow margins slope off to between seven and twelve feet, the Lock bay and North bay areas are no more than 60m across while the middle section of the water stretches to 90m across with the south bay around 100m across we have placed the 14 swims along the west bank only to give the members plenty of space.
We have caught mirror carp to 41lb and common carp to 41lb already there has also been 45 different thirty pound carp caught so far.
For eleven acres there are around two hundred carp swimming around which is a low stock ratio to other waters but we hope the carp will keep growing at there present rate.
There are two car parking areas for this water one at each end.
We have stocked a quantity of Dinton strain stockies into this water over the last 15 years, we do not plan to stock any more for the forseeable future.

Carp Stock quantities 40 x 10-19lb, 120 x 20-29lb, 42-46 x 30-42lb+.